Nova Elmar is a reputable shipping agency, assisting dry cargo vessel for loading and discharging cargo but also passenger-ship operators.

As specialist maritime brokers and consultants, our clients, be they shipowners or shippers, are able to benefit from our expertise in negotiating charter shipping operations.
Nova Elmar was founded from the merging of three long-established companies — Nova Mar Srl, Stema Srl and Elmar Shipping Agency, whose partners decided to form one single group, uniting the extensive know-how and experience acquired in over 35 years of activity in the sector.
We are present at the following ports:
Venice Marghera, Chioggia,
Porto Nogaro, Monfalcone, Trieste and Ravenna.
Having acquired extensive shipping experience over the years, our customer- oriented philosophy allows us to act for our clients as their trusted shipping department to help plan and carry out an effective and cost-efficient shiping programme. We handle shipments in the name and on behalf of the shipowners who entrust their ships to us. We take care of port docking procedures and deal with all administrative, customs and police formalities with the relevant authorities, guaranteeing our commitment to assisting ships, masters and their crews at any time, every day of the year.
As shipping agency we guarantee assistance to clients and ships in all Italian ports on behalf of shipowners, cargo receivers, shippers and charterers.
Our different client base includes companies from across all commodity, bulk cargo, iron and steel, project cargo and cruise ships.
Nova Elmar services include the 24-hour presence of a staff member dedicated to assisting our clients. In all the ports where we are present, Nova Elmar maintains long-term relationships with port authorities, terminal and customs authorities.
We have extensive experience in the brokerage sector which allows us to assist our clients in the most effective and cost-efficient shipping programme.
Nova Elmar operates a very active and dynamic charter service manned by highly qualified and experienced personnel covering a wide variety of cargo types and vessels of all sizes.

Chartered vessels range from 1,000 up to Handy size.

Freight transportation

We specialize in the transportation of bulk raw materials, industrial iron and steel, packaged goods and project cargo.
To meet our clients’ demands, Nova Elmar charters break-bulk ships on a regular basis, following all phases from the charter to the conclusion of the contract, providing assistance during all phases of loading, discharging and time-sheet calculation.

Tailored solutions
Our qualified and experienced team has extensive practical knowledge and expertise in this field.
Our brokers are highly dynamic and motivated, which is why we are able to provide our clients with tailor-made solutions.
We are able to offer the best solutions for a complete, competitive and professional shipping service backed by our knowledge of the market and supported by a large network of exclusive shipowners.
Our services are aimed at all shipowners and companies interested in transporting and receiving goods by sea.
We collaborate with shipowners and maritime brokers over the world for the transportation and delivery of goods on every continent.
Our goal is to offer our clients a reliable, efficient and personalized service based on their individual requests and needs.
Cost-effectiveness and reliability
We have developed our maritime business by integrating the most sophisticated technologies to offer shipowners and operators in the sector a tailor-made service to support all their needs.
The experience we have acquired over the years as shipping agents and brokers allows us to continuously develop innovative and flexible solutions for the clients we represent.
We have privileged relationships with all the maritime operators with the possibility of load management for loading and unloading, storage and warehousing, and distribution by road or rail.
We have a network of subsidiaries in several Italian, Slovenian and Croatian ports. We also ensure that we fully meet all the requirements as ship agents, brokers and ship managers, relying primarily on the expertise of our human resources.

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